The 10 Be's of Summer Fitness 💥

Sunny skies and warm temperatures are here, so let's soak up the rays and enjoy all the great benefits of Summer with the 10 Fitness Be's!

Be Kind to your body, mind and spirit.

Positively celebrate your body each summer day. Revive your mind with 15 minutes of quiet time and find something simple to bring positive energy into your space.

Be Gracious to your belly

Our mid sections are always a challenge. Guess what? Planks can help. Make every effort to incorporate 5 minutes of planking into your routine. Do 1 minute intervals (5 times) of front and side planks. 

Be Consistent with cardio

Walk, walk and walk some more. Utilize walking for exercise, extra calorie burn, and stress relief to increase bone strength and enhance mood. Walk more not less.

Be You and stick to the equation that works

Yes, mix it up for variety but the tried and true always works best. You're better off with a fitness routine that you like, than trying a bunch of new ones that you won't stick to.

Be Flexible your body will thank you

Focus on flexibility this summer. Stretching is the most undervalued but most important mode of exercise for your body. The benefits of stretching range from improved joint mobility, less stiffness, decrease in joint and lower back pain, reduce risk of injury etc. Add at least 3 stretches to your daily routine. 

Be Strong with your strength training

Weight bearing exercises are essential to all fitness routines. Strength training helps keep the inches and body fat down. Incorporate weights, bands and/or body weight exercises at least 3 days/week. 

Be Healthy with hydration

It's summer and it's hot. I encourage you to drink plenty of water. We are fortunate to get at least 20% of fluids from our food but the other 80% still needs to come from water. As a reminder, dehydration can cause problems so keep water convenient and consume often.

 Be Open to the outdoors

Did you know? Most people burn more calories and exercise longer when they are outdoors. Therefore, give those machines a break and take it outside a few days per week. 

Be Light on your belly

The summer brings amazing fruits and veggies to eat, so take this time to fulfill your recommended five portions each day. Your fruits and veggies keep your calories low and gives a boost to your immune system.

Be Influenced by others 

Surround yourself with like minded people who have the same health and fitness lifestyle. Accountability plays a huge part in sticking with a fitness regimen. So grab a trainer, a friend, your partner, family, or anyone who can help you with your fitness journey. Enjoy!


Have A Healthy Summer ☀️



Disclosure: All tips are recommendations only.

Picture: The Author is modeling the 'Be You' Women's fit tee in color vintage royal and red M Logo joggers