Spring Into Fitness ✨ 8 Tips for Purposeful Health

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Rather you've been lacking a routine, trying to get fit since the new year or just looking for extra motivation coming out of the pandemic. I want to emphasize the importance of PURPOSEFUL health for the rest of this year.

Self Questions 🤔

How can I create the most healthy me? Am I exercising & staying active? Is my nutrition consistent?  Do I know my numbers (i.e blood pressure, body fat, weight, measurements etc.)? Am I conscious about my environment? After assessing where you are, make sure healthy living is a part of your life PURPOSE!

 8 Fitness Tips for Purposeful Health

Morning Routine

Set a positive tone first thing in the morning for a healthy day. Try positive affirmations, reading, writing, morning stretch or listening to music.

Mid Day Action

Get up and walk, stay active and move around. Break your sitting at least every 2 hours. Eat the majority of your calories during the day so your body has plenty of time to use your food as fuel.

Evening Closure

This is the downfall for most of us. Evenings are usually the most relaxed part of the day where we move less and consume more. Prioritize performance based foods and small portions at night. Try an evening activity to burn extra calories.

Consumption Conscious

Be conscious of what type of fuel you feed your body.  Food can be simple and difficult to control at the same time. We are saturated with, 'How to eat right,' information. So rather than specifically telling you what to eat, I encourage you to keep it light and remember not to over eat. Focus on only eating when you're hungry and watch your liquids (besides water) because they carry extra calories.

Check Your Numbers

Don't be afraid of the scale, the blood pressure monitor, your body fat measurements or whipping out a measuring tape to check your inches. Numbers hold you accountable and give you a baseline of overall health and body composition.

Emotional Wellness

Do your best to give yourself an environment with lots of support from family, friends, colleagues or both. Having the space to express your feelings is always a sigh of relief and aids in mental wellness.

Physical Capacity

Up your metabolism & how many calories you burn at rest. Remind yourself to move more not less. Make it your goal this spring to add a few more minutes, steps or exercises to your daily routine. Yes, daily routine. You should be getting at least 1 to 1.5 hours of physical activity in per day.

Silent Element

Have your personal space for serenity. A space where you find peace, strength, encouragement, a time or space where you can clear your mind and reboot. Noise and stress surrounds us daily, so be sure to utilize your silent elements as often as possible to enhance your health.

Thank you for reading 😊 I hope these 8 tips provoked some thought into your health. I encourage you to create a life long equation for yourself, striving to achieve the best health possible.

Your Fit Pro,

-Monique 💕💪🏽